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What is Prostate Enlargement?

Prostate enlargement, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP) is a condition where the prostate gland grows bigger in size. This condition affects almost all men as they grow older, particularly those over 50 years of age. The prostate gland is one underneath the bladder. When this gland grows bigger, it can block the flow of urine through the urethra- the tube that carries the urine from the bladder out of the body through the penis. If not treated in time, it can cause urinary tract, bladder or kidney problems. One of the most common types of cancer among males is prostate cancer. Dr. Chaitanya Deshmukh is Best Prostate Surgeon in Nagpur.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Enlargement?

The signs and symptoms of prostate enlargement are:

  • A weak flow when urinating
  • Inability to urinate
  • A feeling that your bladder has not emptied properly
  • Needing to urinate more often, especially at night
  • Dribbling urine after you finish urinating
  • Sudden urge to urinate
  • Incontinence
  • Pain with urination or blood in urine

While some men with an enlarged prostate may notice a few of these symptoms, some others may not have any symptoms at all. These symptoms can also be caused due to other factors such as anxiety, cold weather, lifestyle factors, medicines, and other health problems. Therefore, if you have any of these symptoms, it is advisable to visit your doctor and find out what is causing the symptoms.

What are the Causes of Prostate Enlargement?

While the exact cause of a prostate enlargement is still not known, there are a few factors that may cause increased risks. A few risk factors include:

  • Age: The risk of having an enlarged prostate increases as you get older. Most men over 50 years of age have an enlarged prostate and may or may not have any symptoms.

  • Hormone Levels: The balance of hormones in the body change as you grow older. This sometimes may cause the prostate to grow.

  • Other Factors: Studies show that obese men with diabetes are more likely to develop an enlarged prostate. Thus, exercising regularly is essential as it helps to reduce the risk of such symptoms.

How Can Prostate Enlargement be Treated?

The treatment for prostate enlargement mainly depends on how bad your symptoms are and how much they affect you. However, there are three primary types of prostate enlargement treatment. They are:

  • Lifestyle Changes: If your prostate is enlarged and isn’t causing you problems, you may want to wait before undergoing any treatment. An enlarged prostate often develops slowly, and your symptoms may not get worse. However, there are a few simple changes that you can make to your lifestyle that may help your symptoms improve. They include:

    • Drinking less caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and fizzy drinks as they can irritate the bladder, making urinary symptoms worse.
    • Checking your medicines as certain antidepressants may worsen your urinary symptoms.
    • Eating more fruits and fibre as it helps avoid constipation that puts pressure on the bladder and makes urinary symptoms worse.
    • Exercising regularly as it helps reduce the symptoms.
  • Medicines: If certain lifestyle changes do not help control your symptoms of prostate enlargement, medication may be prescribed.

  • Surgery: Surgery is an option if your symptoms do not improve with lifestyle changes or medicines, or in cases where your symptoms are severe. Different types of surgery may be used to treat prostate enlargement. A few common types of surgery include:

    • Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)
    • Transurethral vaporisation of the prostate (TUVP)
    • Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP)
    • Open prostatectomy
    • Bladder neck incision
Every surgical manoeuvre is within the surgeon’s control throughout the procedure. To maintain a safe setup, the system cannot be programmed or act in any way without the surgeon’s input. Dr. Chaitanya Deshmukh is an expert Prostate Surgeon in Nagpur providing Prostate Cancer Treatment Nagpur.


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