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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction or ED, is the difficulty faced by men to keep their erection firm enough for a longer period of time to have sex. Most of the men have occasional ED which is quite normal. However, to have erectile dysfunction frequently is a cause of concern. It can be a sign of various health problems and cause stress which in turn affects self-confidence. As many as 30 million men are said to be affected with Erectile Dysfunction. It’s the most sexual problem that men face. Men with erectile dysfunction find it difficult to open up with an Erectile Dysfunction Specialist. However, that’s the first step towards treating the problem and having a healthy sexual life.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

The common symptoms of ED include
● Difficulty getting an erection
● Unable to maintain the erection during sex
● Inability to ejaculate

Emotional symptoms such as
● Shame
● Low self-esteem
● Depression
● Anxiety
● Reduced interest in sexual intercourse

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is caused due to various physical and psychological reasons.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction
● Not enough blood flows into the penis.
● The inability of the penis to trap blood during an erection

● Signals from the brain or spinal cord not reaching the penis.
● History of cancer treatment near the pelvis.
● Side effects caused due to medication used to treat other health issues.
● Kidney disease, high cholesterol, or heart disease.
● Excess alcohol intake.
● Diabetes

Psychological causes include
● Fear of intimacy
● Feeling guilty
● Depression and anxiety
● Relationship issues
● Stress at home or due to work

How it works

Once you are aware of the problem, the next step is to consult an Erectile Dysfunction(ED) Urologist irrespective of
your shyness. The treatment for ED begins by taking your heart and vascular health reports. Based on the risk factors, you are required to make necessary changes in your lifestyle which includes eating habits, sleeping habits, and exercise.

Treatment procedure

The treatment procedure for Erectile Dysfunction varies from person to person depending on the severity of the condition.
A series of tests are performed to find out the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Physical Test

The physical tests include checking your heart, lungs, and blood pressure. Additionally, your testicles and penis are also examined. At times, your prostate is also checked to rule out any other problem.

Oral Test

In the oral test, you’ll be asked various questions related to your symptoms, sexual history and health history.

Some of the commonly asked questions are

● Do you feel any problem with reaching orgasm, lack of sexual desire, or ejaculating?
● Do you wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning with erections?
● How’s your relationship? Is there any emotional turmoil?
● Do you worry or stress a lot about different things related to work or personal life?
● Do you take tobacco, cigarettes, or alcohol?
● Do you have any previous medical history?

Some other additional test may also include

● Urine test
● Blood test
● Injection test
● Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) test
● Ultrasound

All these tests are performed to detect any underlying issue. These are usually done at Men’s
Clinic for Erectile Dysfunction(ED).

After performing the tests, the treatment procedure is decided based on the reports. Erectile Dysfunction(ED) can be
treated in many ways.

Some of the treatment procedures include

● Drug Treatments
● Vacuum Devices
● Surgical Treatments

The Erectile Dysfunction(ED) specialist doctor suggests the treatment that best suits your condition.

In the initial stages, Erectile Dysfunction(ED) can be treated simply through medication and changes in the lifestyle.
In other cases, Vacuum erection devices are used to produce an erection for men who are not
willing to use drugs for the same.

In severe conditions, Penile implants and vascular surgery is the last resort to treat erectile

Treatment Duration
The duration of the treatment is different for every patient based on their condition. From taking tests to starting the treatment, it can take a couple of weeks to see the results.


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